Kenya Kiambu

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Kenya coffee beans produce a complex and fruity cup with very bright acidity. Our selection of Kenya coffee from Kiambu region is an exquisite coffee with an assertive and lively personality, a strong and rich body, strong herbal undertones, rich sweetness like caramel as well as prominent berry and citrus notes.



100% Single Origin Arabica Beans

Kenya beans are widely considered as one of the best coffee beans in the world. Higher growing altitudes allow the beans to grow slower than those at lower altitudes, providing more nutrients and allow them more time to develop their flavours and mature.

Bright and Robust

This medium light roasted bean is a must try for people who enjoy citrusy tones with full body.

Washed Processed and Medium Light Roasted

It is best enjoyed by itself and suitable for pour over. For the best experience, it should be ground accordingly for the brewing method used.

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  1. Rei L.

    Nice acidity and body. Very freshly roasted as well.

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