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Head roaster with over 27 years of specialty coffee roasting experience


One-of-a-kind roasting technique that involves heating and cooling the coffee beans repeatedly to ensure uniform roasting.


Professional in-house roasting and production plant based in Malaysia for maximum quality and freshness.


COFA Coffee

Only the Best Roast

At COFA, our greatest legacy lies in our roasting techniques. Mr. Ong Seng Chuah, our head roaster, has been honing his roasting skills since 1994, when specialty coffee was still a relatively unknown field in Malaysia. Throughout the years, he has trained numerous roasters and perfected his one-of-a-kind technique for fully releasing the potential of the beans. Despite the fact that many of our customers have been drinking coffee for years and have developed sophisticated palates and preferences, we frequently hear "I had no idea coffee could taste so amazing!" We work tirelessly to source the best coffees available and roast them to perfection, and the results are evident in the cup.

This is the motto of COFA, to serve our customers the Coffee with Optimal Freshness and Aroma.


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