Guatemala Antigua Parcaya

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Imagine slurping down coffee that tastes like a Christmas chocolate bar. Before tasting, the aromas of chocolate and cherry are eminent, complementing the tones of toasted nuts and toffee. Great coffee that is enjoyed by coffee lovers of all levels of appreciation.



100% Single Origin Arabica Beans

The volcano of Parcaya is situated on the southern edge of a large volcanic caldera containing the Amatitlan Lake. Adequate rainfall, soil and humidity provide ideal growing conditions and an excellent opportunity for coffee beans to produce complex chocolate notes.

Chocolatey yet Tea-like

This light roasted bean is loved by our loyal customers for its chocolatey flavour along with a tea-like body and aftertaste, as well as a relatively low acidity.

Wash Processed and Medium-light Roasted

It is best enjoyed by itself and suitable for a variety of coffee brewing methods. For the best experience, it should be ground accordingly for the brewing method used.

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