Espresso Blend Bundle II

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Up your daily coffee game today with our latest selections of coffee blends!

Bundle inclusive of:
1 x COFA Safari Blend (250g)
1 x COFA Fruity Deluxe  (250g)

Simply choose your brewing method below and we will customise your grind size for you.

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Classic is Always Classy

Safari Blend
Our Safari Blend will shuttle you away to a warm afternoon safari. A rich coffee with a spice nuance and a prominent sweetness, a well-rounded blend great for all occasions.

Fruity Deluxe
Fruity Deluxe features a prominent fruity profile, akin to berries, tangerine and wine. It boasts a silky smooth mouthfeel, with a trace of cocoa and a creamy caramel sweetness. The addition of Yunnan Cartimo gives it a hint of nuttiness and an intriguing aftertaste.

Why Choose Cofa

Wide selection

Wide variety of coffee beans selection with guaranteed product quality

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Freshly roasted locally and delivered to your door

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